Classic full body massage

It is a regenerative massage eliminating fatigue. It removes slackness, stiffness, shortening and muscle aches. It helps to improve blood circulation to the circulation center. In this process, the waste substances are displaced from the internal organs into the lymphatic system. Spasms and the muscular system are allowed. After the massage you will feel the regeneration of the whole body, the elimination of fatigue and the feeling of lightness and so-called rebirth.

Back and cervical spine massage

Do you often experience headaches? Do you feel uncomfortable tension in the cervical spine? Then this massage is a must for you. The massage releases the cervical spine blockage, helps the blood flow to the head and relieves the whole body of stress. The massage can also be combined with a head or hand massage.

Anti-cellulite massage

All ladies certainly know the 'orange skin' problem. Thanks to special lymphatic and anti-cellulite tactiles, the subcutaneous fat structure is stimulated and the deep lymphatic system is affected. These tamps have a beneficial effect on the subcutaneous metabolism and thus the fat is washed away from the body through the lymph. Therefore, after this massage, it is recommended to carefully follow the drinking regime to remove fat cells with water from the body.

Sports massage

Sports massage is suitable for all sports enthusiasts. Whether you do sport at the professional level or just in your free time, your body feels a physical strain, so you need to relax your musculoskeletal system and support your entire body to recover. Massage strokes penetrate deep into the musculoskeletal system, helping to relieve muscle and tendon pain.

Head and neck spine massage

Stress, irritability, fatigue, headaches and overall physical exhaustion are related. A head massage will help you 'cure' your entire body. It helps against stress and induces high relaxation. Head massage has a positive effect on the energy system of the whole body.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymph drainage (lymphatic) massage stimulates lymph movement and helps to eliminate the consequences of various diseases. It is also possible to undergo it as a detoxification. After this massage, it is also very important to maintain a strict drinking regime so that the activated lymph will remove all toxins and harmful substances from the body. Recently, it has become popular to use the machine lymphatic drainage, but the effect compared to manual lymphatic drainage is quite incomparable.

Foot massage

Surely you know that all the organs are led to the feet and thanks to this massage you can stimulate and heal all the organs in the body. So not only do you enjoy absolute relaxation, but also you do something for your health. For all my clients, whoever has tried it once, always want it again on the next visit.

Leg massage

Leg massage improves blood circulation, which prevents the appearance of varicose veins and relieves swelling. This massage also brings a feeling of relaxation, but also relieves muscle fatigue, removes the feeling of heaviness and reduces the possibility of cramps in the calves.

Honey massage

It has long been known that honey has beneficial cleansing and revitalizing effects. That is why honey is actively used in beauty and massage area. Honey massage is an effective detoxification method that helps stress, tension and unhealthy lifestyle. The healing power of honey affects the whole body through the skin. It is possible that bruises may appear after the honey massage, which should be seen as a good indication that the body is beginning to excrete old poisons and toxins.

Visceral massage

Visceral massage, or internal abdominal massage, is a new type of therapy that deals with the targeted treatment of internal organs and their suspension devices. It is a gentle and relatively in-depth treatment of issues.

Massage Gua Sha

Guasha is a massage technique that is based on traditional Chinese medicine and is performed using a jade plate. Gua stands for 'scrape' and sha means 'sow'. With guasha we literally scrape the disease out of the body. The massage itself is not painful. During the scratching of the plate, seeding appears on the body, indicating stagnation of blood. This seeding can occur immediately during the massage, but sometimes several days after it. The effect and relief after the massage are immediate.